Pololu item #: 1456 24v23 CS

I just purchased one of these High-Power Motor Driver boards. Will it come with a schematic. If not where can I get one?



We do not provide schematics for our high-power motor drivers, but we have detailed usage instructions on the product page. Is there some specific information you need that is missing from our documentation?

- Ben

Well, I apparently made an assumption while reading the information on the site. When reading and scrolling down I came to the section where it lists all the other motor drivers available. At this point I assumed that all was said and I was now being fed a sort of advert for other motor drivers. But below this was all the information I was looking for. Perhaps just a link to the additional motor drivers or even a pop-up window that lists them would allow the reader to see that there is much more information such as Using the Motor Driver, Pinout, etc…

Thanks for the timely response.