Pololu IR Transceiver not working properly


I have brought one pair of pololu ir transceiver https://www.pololu.com/product/701.one kept on the robot and other on the target.This robot has to reach the target.its working fine in spacious rooms.but,when this was tested in a small closed room,Morethan one led of transceiver is glowing and thereby giving wrong direcion to the robotI think his is mainly because of the reception of reflected signals from walls.Please help me in eliminating this problem.


I am not sure of any good suggestions for preventing the IR light from the transmitter from reflecting off of the walls. Depending on your setup and layout, you might be able to cover some of its emitters with something like electrical tape and see if it helps. Additionally, if you think the IR beacon on your robot is seeing its own IR light after it has reflected off of the walls, you could try covering those emitters as well. Also, some types of fluorescent lights (as well as sunlight) can interfere with the beacon; does the small room have fluorescent lights? If so, you might try doing a test with the lights off to see if there is any improvement.