Pololu IR Beacon Transceiver connects to Raspberry pi

I have trouble about connection between IR beacon and raspberry pi.

I understand about output pins… However, I am not sure about three inputs…

There are 3 input pin, ‘-’ ‘+’ and enable input.

According to manual, enable input has to be connected to 5V.

And apply 6-16V across the + and - pins…

How can I apply 6-16V across the + and - pins via using raspberry pi 2?


Connecting the enable pin to 5V will enable the beacon for both transmission and reception. Please note that the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi are not 5V tolerant, so you will need to use something like our bidirectional logic level shifter to interface the Raspberry Pi with 5V systems like the output and enable pins on the IR beacons:

If you want to be able to turn the beacon on and off with your program, you could connect the enable pin of the beacon to a GPIO pin on the Raspberry Pi.

The + and - pins are the power connections for the beacons. You should not try to power the beacons from your Raspberry Pi. You can power them from a separate power source, or if you are already using a battery pack in your system that is between 6V and 16V, you could connect those power connections to the battery directly. Please note that if you use a separate battery pack, you will need a common ground between the Raspberry Pi and your IR beacon.


Thank you for answering my question.

I am using 9V battery for power. And I used 5V dc power from Raspberry pi 2.

However, Pololu IR beacon Transceivers are not working.

When I rotated one of IR beacons, wrong red light is on…

soldering is problem…?

What type of 9V battery are you using? Can you post some pictures of your setup showing all connections? Also, can you post some pictures of both sides of your IR Beacon Transceivers?

You might also check to see if any other light sources in the area might be causing interference.


I used below 9V battery.
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/f/f01f6542662d10fdf294d48e3c56a4a5f05b580d.png" width=“438” height=“500”

For connection, below picture is what I did.

The other one connection is similar as above picture. However, the other one used Arduino 5V instead of Raspberry pi 2.

9V batteries like those cannot supply very much current. I suggest trying rechargable battery pack with AA cells, or a LiPo battery pack, and seeing if that helps. Also, I do not see any GND connection between the IR beacon and the Raspberry Pi, so you probably do not have a complete circuit for enabling the IR beacon. Can you try connecting a common GND between the regulator and the Raspberry Pi?


Thank you for answering my question.

I connected a common GND between Raspberry pi and beacon, but still not working.

Wrong Led is on…

Where can I rechargable battery with AA cells…?

Do you mean AA battery holder…?

You could use a rechargable battery pack or rechargable AA batteries in a battery holder.

If the behavior of the beacons does not change after trying a new power source, please post a video of your system that shows how the LEDs are changing as you move the beacons around each other.


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