Pololu hardware in action


I have been working quite some time oon a robot. Quite some hardware is Pololu hardware, so I thought it is fun to share where I have come so far.

I use Pololu TB9051, Pololu Wheels and Pololu motors. I have two arduino’s, a Mega used for driving the LCD screen and sensors and a Uno which is used for encoder reading and PID control of the two motors. The brain of this all is a Jetson Nano running ROS Noetic on it. The robot is manually controlled with a joystick from my desktop.

Pololu hardware in action with ROS Noetic

I hope I can inspire people with this video and people are enjoying watching this.




Hello, Ray.

That looks like a really fun project! Thank you for sharing your video.

It sounds like you want to extend the robot’s functionality (you mentioned it only having manual control for now). If you’re willing to share more, I would be interested in hearing what kind of plans (if any) you have for future updates.


Hi BrandonM,

Yes I will extend the project but before doing advanced stuff I thought it would be good to have first the main control working good and this was the best to do first in manual control. Now this is working nicely I have the following plans:

  • At the moment I’m woorking on controling a cam on the robot which should be visible in RVIZ and being able to move hor and vertwith the joystick had button.

  • Than I will focus on the odometry hich is important to the bot will know where it is. To do this accurate I will first use the encoders and the basic equations for for velocity and movement.

  • Next I have also a Pololu IMU-9 v5 which should help me making the above more accurate using all this data together.

  • Than I will work on the RPLidar A1M8 so I could do some mapping

  • Having the above points all working good I will start working on things like Navigation a Route planning

  • Eventually the robot should be able to drive in a area autonomiously and create a accurate map of the room.

That are my plans so far so lots of twork to do before I have this all working good. But I’m learning a lot about Python, C++, Linux, electronics and robotics so this is really fun.



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That sounds great; I look forward to seeing how your project progresses!


Ok cool, I’ll update once in a while my progress here. Thanks for the interest.