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Pololu Digital Distance Sensor

What is the “field of vision” for these sensors?
Does an object need to be directly in front of the sensor?
Would a radial array of these sensors allow me to discern the
general location of an object relative to the center of the array?

Hello, Steve.

As specified on the product pages for our digital distance sensors, they have a typical FOV of about 15° (though it can effectively vary with the details of what you’re sensing and how much ambient light there is). A radial array of those sensors would probably allow you to discern the general location of an object. We don’t expect there to be any notable issues with interference between sensors with overlapping FOVs (though there can be problems with two sensors pointing directly at each other).

Alternatively, you might be interested in our 3-Channel Wide FOV Time-of-Flight Distance Sensor Using OPT3101, which can distinguish between targets in three different directions over a nearly 180° range.

- Patrick