Pololu D24V25F7 working temperature

Hi guys, I m new here. I m using a Pololu D24V25F7, installed in a dummy dc coupler for sony mirrorless cameras (replacing its np-fw50 7.4v battery) with a 220v->12V adapter. Problem is, I m testing sony s new camera, the a6300 which is overheating like crazy and I can not tell if the camera heated up the dummy enclosure (where the Pololu D24V25F7 is also installed) or viceversa.
So, my question to you is, do you know how hot can the D24V25F7 get in this scenario? Thanks.


It is possible for these regulators to get very hot when run near their limit or in an enclosed space, but I cannot tell if that is what is occurring in your situation. If possible, you might try measuring the current draw of your camera and running the regulator with a similar dummy load outside and then inside of the enclosure to see how hot it gets.


Thanks for the reply, it was defo the case, the camera gave the overheating warning with the regulator after 17min of 4k recording, as opposed to 2x 30minutes (I didn t test it further but it was pretty hot already) with an aftermarket battery. I ll have to reinstall it outside, maybe even in a small aluminium enclosure, not that it heat itself above its temp threshold. This cam has also a higher current draw as other models, I think it s the main source of its problems. Thanks again