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Pololu controller, BLE, and motor driver

Just looking for the smallest config (2 boards ok) to run a single dc motor with direction and speed adjustment.

I like the:

DRV8838 Motor Driver

is there something available - Pololu mini micro with BLE ? All I need is the direction and speed (will be sent from Android phone)Minimum components only. Do I need a Arduino or similar or is there a more basic micro to do above.
Charles Harris

Hello, Charles.

You will need some sort of microcontroller to control the DRV8838. You could consider a microcontroller board with built-in Bluetooth Low Energy, such as an ESP32, or you could use something like our A-Star 32U4 Micro or our A-Star 328PB Micro with a separate BLE adapter. (We do not have any microcontrollers with built in Bluetooth or BLE.)

Alternatively, you might be able to eliminate the need for a separate microcontroller by using one of our motor controllers that support TTL serial input along with a BLE adapter.

- Patrick