Pololu Black Friday Sale 2012 (starting Thursday, 11/22)

Happy Thanksgiving from Pololu!

I’m excited to announce the return of our Black Friday sale, starting Thursday, November 22nd! This year, you can get up to $30 off your final order total in addition to saving up to 60% on dozens of selected products, including our new Zumo robot kit for Arduino, 3pi and m3pi robots, Wixel wireless modules, Maestro Servo Controllers, Simple Motor Controllers, sensors, chassis, actuators, LED strips (great for custom holiday light displays) and many more! Save big on parts for your next robot, or find a great gift for that DIY electronics enthusiast on your Christmas shopping list!

For all the sale details, visit: https://www.pololu.com/blackfriday

We have especially good “door-buster” deals on our Zumo robot kits for Arduino and 3pi robots, and they will probably go fast!

We hope our biggest sale yet can help bring a happy start to your holiday season!

- Ben

Awesome !I managed to score a 3pi for $50 (along with $260-odd of other bargains “to jsutify the shipping cost” ;P)

Thanks Pololu

Received my full ‘Black Friday’ delivery from Pololu today, less than one week from ordering, in Australia, despite Pololu having to query my address (Fedex doesn’t ‘do’ PO boxes).

So just wanted to says thanks a million to everyone at Pololu for managing to get it here so fast, despite what I imagine was an enormous load of orders.

Any way I can convince you to have a ‘dark grey’ Friday once a month ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you for the kind words! While we likely will not implement a monthly “dark grey” sale, we might consider introducing a few smaller sales between our yearly Black Friday sale, so you should make sure you get on our mailing list if you’re not already.

Have fun with your with your parts (please let us know if you build something cool with them), and happy holidays!

- Ben

Many thanks from Arizona as well. Everything came speedy quick - although some things are being left untouched so I can looke “surpirsed” on Christmas.