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Pololu Black Friday Sale 2010 (starting Thursday, 11/25)

Happy Thanksgiving from Pololu!

I’m pleased to announce that this year we’re having another “Black Friday Sale”! It will be similar to last year’s sale, only with huge discounts on a wider assortment of products, including our 3pi robot, robot controllers, servo controllers, motor controllers, sensors, and more (e.g. all the main components required to build a simple hexapod walker will be on sale). Save big on parts for your next robot, or find a great gift for that DIY electronics enthusiast on your Christmas shopping list!

Our Black Friday Sale page lists all of the products that will be on sale and explains the details of the event. Like last year, there are coupon codes you can enter to save up to 60% on select Pololu products from Thursday, November 25 through Monday, November 29.

Once again, we will be offering the 3pi robot as a “door-buster”: the first 50 customers to use our 3pi door-buster coupon will get our popular programmable robot for half-price.

These coupons become active at 12:00 AM PST (8:00 AM GMT) on Thursday, November 25. To use these coupons, you must make your purchase directly from our web site (www.pololu.com). You can enter the coupons at the bottom of the shopping cart page. Make sure to click the “update cart” button after each coupon you enter.

Once again, happy Thanksgiving, and may your holidays be full of joy and robots!

- Ben

Thanks guys! Sounds great.

Just to clarify, does the sale start at 12:00am midnight as in very early Thurs AM? Or does Thurs 12:00am mean very early Fri AM just when Thurs is rolling over to Fri?

I never was great at the whole 11pm, 12am, 1am transition thing.

Thanks again.

It starts Thursday morning and ends Monday night, covering five full days in all.

- Ben