Pololu avr programmer with atmel studio 7

Dear forum users

How do i add devices in atmel studio 6.so i can programm them with my pollulu avr programmer?( i’m trying to programme the ATmega328P and when i whant to programm the device it say the ATmega328P is unsuported)
With best regards Ben

Hello, Ben.

In the thread’s original title (“Polulu avr programmer whit atmel studio 7”), you mentioned Atmel Studio 7 instead of Atmel Studio 6. From your description of the issue, I suspect that “atmel studio 7” is a typo, since the ATmega328P device is supported in Atmel Studio 7 by default and not in Atmel Studio 6. I fixed the title of the thread (along with a few spelling errors to make the thread searchable for others, who might be having similar issues).

As for adding devices in Atmel Studio 6, you can see the “Adding Devices to Atmel Studio 6” section of the Pololu USB AVR Programmer User’s Guide.

- Amanda