Pololu avr programmer with atmega1284P

has someone programmed an Atmega1284P with Pololu ? if yes can you please tell me how to wire it ? since I read somewhere on web that this chip doesn’t use MISO MOSI pins for programming.

It doesn’t? Never used one but the data sheet shows the standard MOSI, MISO, SCK and RESET so I would think it would. Atmel Studio has it in the selection when you start a new project.


Our Orangutan SVP-1284 uses a ATmega1284P, and it uses the MOSI and MISO pins for programming. You will need to connect the PB5 (MOSI), PB6 (MISO), PB7 (SCK), RESET, VCC and GND pins from the AVR to their respective pins on the programmer.

- Jeremy