Pololu AVR Programmer v2.0 - Vcc voltage detection on serial and ISP?


(I am no native English speaker, sorry if something sounds strange… :wink:

First of all: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for developing, implementing and selling this great little programmer! I tried several ISP-programmers and all failed for one or more different reasons. Most could not correctly read the flash of my ATmega2560s and/or feed 5V on the logical lines while set to 3.3V. A manual has none of them.

I read the manual of the Pololu AVR Programmer v2.0. While mostly discussing ISP-programming it is said, that the Vcc line can act as voltage detector for/of/on/at (sorry) the target.

When using the programmer as serial adaptor to flash via bootloader: Does the Vcc detection works the same as if doing ISP programming?

Thank you very much for any help in advance !
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Hello, mcc.

I am glad you like the AVR Programmer v2! Yes; the VCC pins on the 6-pin serial header and ISP connector are both connected, so the VCC pin on the serial header can also measure the target voltage (when configured as an input, which it is by default). You can find more information about that under the “Pinout and components” section of its user’s guide.

- Amanda

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Hi Amanda,

I like it ? I LOVE IT !!! :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

Thanks a lot for your mail and the info! :smile:

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