Pololu AVR Programmer install fails, WinUSBCoInstaller.dll

Hi all,

Attempting to install USB AVR programmer on Windows XP, downloaded latest driver (*110524). Seems like I’ve had great success several times before on all sorts of installs, Window Linux both…

This time a get the message “The file WinUSBCoInstaller.dll on Pololu.com is needed”. I did a lot of sloppy searching to get a copy of this dll off the web, installed sort of, it needed something (*0007.dll?) else yada yada.

Decided it was time to put a shout out for help.

I have several of these programmers, I don’t think I’ve upgraded the firmware on this one… not sure.

And ideas, anyone?


Hello, Rando.

I’m sorry that you are having trouble installing the drivers.

What version of Windows XP do you have? Is it 32-bit or 64-bit? Have you installed SP3?

Please find the folder where you installed the USB AVR Programmer drivers, and tell me what it is. By default it should be:

C:\Program Files\Pololu\USB AVR Programmer

Please tell me the names of all the files that are in that folder. Also, please tell me the names of the files in the “x86” subdirectory.

Also, could you describe the entries you see for the programmer in your computer’s Device Manager? There should be three total, and they should be in “Pololu USB Devices”, “Ports (COM & LPT)”, or (if the driver installation failed) in the “Other Devices” category.

Please don’t do this. Downloading dlls sloppily from the web is a good way to get viruses. We should be able to provide you with all the DLLs you need.



Thank you for the consideration of your prompt reply.

Good advice on taking care downloading the DLL’s.

Turns out the req’d files were in a directory called .OUT, after the install procedure located them, installation proceeded with out issue.