Pololu AVR programmer 2.1 doesnt connect


In accordance with pololu AVR programmer 2.1 user guide in topic
After downloading drivers in the computer, the pololu application becomes available
at windows 10 programs list, therefore, com ports dont become visible anyway.
in manager devices list (I took care in installing the drivers before plug pololu AVR in USB port) and the computer doesnt play the comun sound of usb connection when pololu is connected after drivers installation.
I tried to make the same procedure in other two different computer each one with different
operational system (one with Windows 7 and other Windows Server 8 installed) with the same negative result.
So I tried to use a different USB A to USB micro B cable to connect the pololu AVR to the computer
and doesnt solve the problem anyway.
Once connected pololu green light blinks in a frequency of 1Hz but when actioned, software informs that the pololu is not connected yet.
When the tab is pressed the following information raises up:

“No programmer was found. Please verify that the programmer is connected to the computer via USB”

Please could you help me?
Is there something else that should be done?
Thanks in advance.

Hello, Edson.

I moved your post to a more appropriate section of the forum.

As described in the “LED Feedback” section of the AVR Programmer v2 user’s guide, the green LED blinking slowly (i.e. 1Hz) is indicating that the device has not received a particular message from your computer. Usually, this is caused by using a USB cable that is only intended for charging. USB charging cables do not have the data lines, which are required for communication with the device. Could you try other USB cables, preferably one you know is a data cable that you can confirm works to communicate with other devices?