Pololu AVR Development Bundle fails during install

The install freezes during the part when AVR Studio is installing and a prompt comes up and says “Please install AVR Studio 4.16.” Isn’t that what it’s installing anyway?

I’ve tried to directly install AVR Studio 4.19 and that starts the install then the install window disappears and it never finishes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Ok, I finally got it working. Here were the problems:

  1. You can’t have Google Chrome open during install; and even with it closed it will produce a strange error and open it. You will have to close it again to continue the installation.

  2. AVR Studio 4.16 isn’t compatible with Windows 7 so I ran the troubleshooter when I opened the Bundle file with Windows XP. It said Vista, XP, 2000 would all work.