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Pololu AVR C/C++ Library



We have released a C/C++ programming library designed for our Orangutan LV-168 and Baby Orangutan B robot controllers. The library makes it easy to access most of the features of these controllers, including the LCD screen, motors, LEDs, buzzer, temperature sensor, and more. It also provides support for our QTR reflectance sensors, including high-level functions for tracking a line. The library documentation includes many examples that should make it easy for someone who has never programmed an AVR before to get started.

The C/C++ library is built from the same source code as the Arduino library, so you will have access to all of the same functions, whatever environment you prefer to work in.

We plan to add support for more features and products to this library (and the Arduino library) in the future, so please tell us what you think of it!

- Paul