Pololu 9V Step-Up Voltage Regulator U3V12F9

There is a warning on the product page, about overheating. “Regulator may overheat at lower input currents when VIN is much lower than VOUT. Available output current is a function of VIN, VOUT, and the regulator efficiency”.

I plan on providing a 5.19VDC up to 8A, input to the module and looking for a 9VDC output. My question is will this be an overheating situation?

Ironically, this module is necessary to provide a sufficiently high input voltage for an on-board regulator - just to regulate it back down to 5VDC for an SSC-32 module. I am having trouble with it and the manufacturer suggested this approach.


As stated on the product page, the regulator input current cannot exceed 1.4A, so it is definitely not appropriate for an application that would require an input current of 8A. Is your system really going to draw ~5A from the regulator, or are you just trying to say that your power supply is capable of sourcing 8A? If it is the latter, the 8A is not relevant as your supply is not going to force 8A into the regulator; rather, the relevant spec is how much current your system will be drawing from the regulator. To get an idea of the amount of current that regulator can supply at various input voltages, you can refer to the chart found in the “Typical Efficiency and Output Current” section on the U3V12F9 product page (the orange line on the middle graph should be most applicable for you). If you need help interpreting this graph, please let me know.

- Amanda