Pololu 8-channel servo controller help

Hey all new to the forums, im having a little trouble with my servo not moving when connected to serial transmitter. I hook it all up and i send bytes “0x80 0x01 0x03 0x02 0xFE” The yellow light turns off and the green light flashes quick and no lights appear after. My servo is connected to input 2. I am trying to recreate this http://www.x-simulator.de/forum/my-simple-sim-motion-chair-t1667.html

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.


You might be having a power issue. How are you powering the servo controller? What servo are you using?

Also, the last byte, 0xFE, does not look correct. As it says in the user’s guide for the controller under the “Pololu Mode” section, the range of values for bytes 2-6 is 0-0x7F(0-127), so 0xFE is not a valid byte value. You can find the user’s guide under the resources tab of the controller’s product page for more information.

By the way, our newer Maestro servo controllers are better than that older servo controller in almost every way, so if you do not have a specific reason for using the old one, you might consider using it.