Pololu 60-LED Strip 5v Part # 2544 Not working properly

I just received the new 60 LED strip yesterday, download the library from the resources for the product, watched the video tutorial then wired it up the control line to pin 12 on the Arduino and the ground to ground pin then uploaded the example code for LedStripRainbow.

I appear to be getting something to the LEDs as they periodically all flicker on for a split second, then go off again only to flicker again every 20 seconds or so.

This is part number #2544. I’m running it on an Arduino UNO. I have a Power supply of 5V rated for 3.6 amps connected to the LED strip.


I am sorry you are having trouble with your LED strip. Can you post some pictures of all your connections? Also, can you measure the output of your power supply with a multi-meter?


Thanks for responding. I’ll get that back to you by Friday since tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
Have a good holiday.

Ok, I solved the problem. I had bought a power adapter that has adaptable ends for various devices. The problem I had was that when I plugged the adaptable end in, I had reversed the polarity casing the device to not operate properly.

I am glad that you found the problem. Thank you for letting us know how you fixed it.