Pololu 5V Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulator S7V7F5

Hello !

I need your help about regulator S7V7F5. So if it’s possible I need electric schematic to my engineer work at my university. I bought this regulator and I can’t find electric schemat to this model. So please if u can send me it or put on forum. I will be very grateful. If u have more information about this regulator i will take all :slight_smile:
Hope u help me.
Thank and I greet.


Thank you for your interest in our regulators; we do not disclose the schematic for that regulator. In general, we try to provide all of the information necessary to use our products on their product pages. Is there something you think is missing? Are you having trouble using the regulator?


No all it’s fine. But I can’t find this schematic… A lot of producent put on page all information with electric schematic. I only know that the output have 2 condensators 10 uF. But it is too less for my engineering work. If u cant put schematic just please tell me only the devices into this regulator and thier paramets. But if it’s possible please put this electric schematic in this topic. Hope u help me.

Ps. Just let me know what is the symbol chip used in this regulator.

As I said in my previous post, we do not disclose the schematic for that regulator. We also do not disclose the chip used on it. Why do you want the schematic? Is there some specific information or specification you need?

Thank you for the feedback; we will keep it in mind, and we might release the schematics for some of our regulators in the future.


It is a TPS63061 in standard application according to the TI data sheet. Nothing special but a very good device.