Pololu 5v 5 amp only outputs 200mah

I have a project in which I am using a Pololu 5v 5 amp voltage regulator to power and charge a GoPro hero11 that is outputting Hdmi video using the GoPro media mod to the DJI transmission system.

When the system is on and transmitting i can charge the GoPro with the supplied ac adapter cable that is rated for 5v 1 amp output and the GoPro is charging to 100%, however, when I power the GoPro with the 5v 5 amp Pololu regulator it is only capable of delivering 200 Mah of current which is not enough to charge the GoPro battery to 100% during operation. The input voltage is well within the required voltage range voltage of a maximum of 38v at a nominal voltage of about 14.4v.

Could someone enlighten me on the reason why the pololu would only be capable of delivering 200mah of current at 5v to the gopro? I need the Pololu 5v vreg to deliver at least 1 amp of current.

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with your regulator. What are you using to power the regulator? How are you monitoring the current output of the regulator? Could you post pictures and a wiring diagram?


Thanks for the response Claire. I found a solution. Turns out its hard to push 5v 1 amp through 20AWG wire thats 6.5 ft long. Lots of resistance.

Instead I ran 15 volts up to the GoPro location and from there had a short 2 inch 5v wire to power the GoPro from the Vreg. The wire had to much resistance to push 5v and maintain the current i needed up 6 ft of wire.