Pololu 5V/3A voltage regulator for rpi4 project


I’m looking to power a rpi4 project which has a few devices attached but would appreciate if someone could let me know if the setup I chose will safely power the rpi4.

depth camera=700mA
screen 100mA
rpi4 3A),

3.7V, 2000mAh, 5C LiPo Battery

5V Voltage Regulator
#2891 5V Step-Up Voltage Regulator U3V70F5

Thank you!


The U3V70F5 will probably be okay in your application. It looks like your system’s current draw will be around 4A, and the maximum continuous output current graph near the end of the product page description shows that the regulator can handle about that much continuous current for your input voltage. Your margins will be tight though, so if you find out in testing that your system is actually drawing more power, or if you plan on adding anything else in the future, you might consider using a second regulator and powering your some of your devices separately. (Do not connect the VOUTs in parallel.)

- Patrick

Hello Patrick,
Thank you for your quick reply and advice. I’ll place the order and update this post if there isn’t enough power. It’s unnerving for a beginner to figure out how all this stuff works so I appreciate the input! This is my first Pololu purchase, but I saw the name mentioned many places when researching how to power stuff with a quality part.