Pololu 3pi stopped working

Hi guys. I was trying stock programs from libpololu-avr\examples\atmega328p Like buzzer1. 3pi glows blue on the corners and error led is NOT on.

buzzer1 doesn’t print anything to LCD, neither it plays the music. I tried other programs and they all seems not working now. What should I do, how would I see what’s wrong?

Also, there was a weird glitch on motor1 demo after I ran it. 3pi started spinning wheels for a fraction of a second, then stopped. And weird smell appeared. Like, a smell of a paint?


I am sorry you are having problems with your 3pi robot. If you smelled something weird when the 3pi stopped working, it is possible it is damaged. Can you post pictures of the top and bottom of the 3pi? It could also be that your batteries are just discharged. What type of batteries are you using? Can you measure the battery voltage with a multimeter and post that as well?


Top and bottom parts

Batteries are Energizer rechargable 800 mAh. I charged them an hour before I started working with 3pi.
3pi was working fine and I was able to complete full project with it and even posted it here on the forum.
It is only yesterday something went wrong.

Thank you for posting the pictures of your 3pi. I did not see anything obviously wrong or damaged from the pictures. Did Atmel Studio give you any errors the last time you programmed it before the 3pi stopped working? Does it give you any errors when you try to program the 3pi now? Did you make any modifications to the 3pi between the last time it worked and when it failed? Also, can you measure the battery voltage with a multimeter like I asked previously, so that we can be sure that they are not the issue?


I figured out that LCD for some reason stopped working and I saw nothing. To launch demo all I had to do is to click on a middle button. Motors do work fine.

If LCD is very fuzzy, output is nearly invisible — what does that mean?
P.s. I do not have oscilloscope. I do not have multimeter.

I am glad to see you found the issue. It sounds like you might have accidentally changed the screen contrast. On the underside of the 3pi is a small potentiometer (right above the black electrical tape in your picture). Try adjusting that potentiometer carefully while observing the LCD to see if that corrects the problem.


That did it! Thank you! :smiley: