Pololu 3pi problem with programming

Hello, I am doing the first white of my 3pi, I am uzing USB recorder isp bought in aliexpress, and software ProgISP 1.71. When I white folowline at 3pi it seemed normal, but it slowed down. I tried to go back to the demo version, but it was also slow, the menus are slow to respond on the display. Anyone have any tips on this? I am writing the Hex library file.


It sounds like you might have changed some of the clock-related fuse settings on the AVR, affecting the code execution time, for the 3pi. Can you read the AVR’s fuse settings and post a screenshot of it here?

- Amanda

I believe that this is true, I should have programmed it, but now I can no longer read or program it, a “chip enable program error” message appears, can someone provide the fuse bit and lock bit configuration for me to test? thank you

The standard fuse settings for the ATmega328P on a 3pi robot are:

HIGH = 0xD9
LOW = 0xF6

- Amanda

Thank you so much.