POLOLU 3pi Motor

Dear All

I need to buy a motor which is using pololu 3pi robot

Can I know the following spec related to 3pi

Motor speed
gear ratio

I sow one article that is saying 3pi is using 700rpm motor which is not to buy pololu website

Note some motors mention about No-Load Speed @ Rated Voltage is 1000

The 1000 mean after gear or before gear box ?

Please advice

Thanks in advance



We use our #993 low power 30:1 Micro Metal Gearmotors in the 3pi Robot. The motor voltage is boosted to 9.25V, which accounts for the increased free-run speed. You can see those gearmotor specifications under the “Specs” tab of the motor’s product page. Our motor’s free-run speeds are at the output shaft of the gearbox.


Thanks Derrill