Pololu 3pi kit

Is the Pololu 3pi robot assembled in the kit? I am thinking of ordering one but I can’t seem to find this information anywhere.

Hi jiahungloh,

The 3pi User’s Guide indicates that the 3pi indeed comes fully assembled.


Thanks, but I’ve heard of the LEDs in the back of the robot. Are the LEDs provided or is it external? If it is included in the user guide, (unfortunately,) my computer cannot download the guide.

There are four surface mount LEDs already installed on the underside of the 3pi. Two are blue and cannot be programmatically controlled, while the red and green ones can be. While the box does come with extra through-hole LEDs to install on the top side of the robot, they are optional.

If you wish, you could solder the through-hole LEDs onto pins PD1 and PD7, which are connected to the red and green surface mount LEDs, respectively. You can also solder a through-hole LED next to the power button that will remain lit while the robot is powered up, like the blue surface mount LEDs. None of the through-hole LEDs are required, however, and their addition onto the robot doesn’t add any extra capabilities, just more light. :slight_smile:

There is an online version of the user’s guide here.

Hope that helps,

Thanks a lot! I would be purchasing the kit soon. It fits my purpose perfectly! And thanks for the user guide!