Pololu 3.3V Step-Up Voltage Regulator U1V11F3

Hello everyone!
I am using the Step-Up voltage Regulator U1V11F3 in my Energy harvesting project.
the aim of the project is to transmit data wirelessly from a Thermoelectric generator (TEG) mounted on a rocket nuzzle to a host computer using the Embedded device (EZ430-RF2500) from Texas Instrument.

I am using the Step-Up voltage Regulator U1V11F3 to step-up voltage in the range (0.5V - 1V) coming from the TEG to a voltage of 3.3V so as to be able to power the Embedded device.
But it turns out that the control line of the U1V11F3 requires a rising edge for it to fire up, it doesn’t just start up with a supply voltage of 0.5V. I observed this by supplying 0.5V using DC-Power Generator and every time i have to on and off the DC-Power Generator before the U1V11F3 fires up.

I have thought of using a Schmitt trigger, but it didn’t work.

Any advice on how to go about this issue? because when carrying out the project in the field i have no control over the voltage supply, in fact i will not be present in the field for safety reasons. so i need something that will create like a rising edge to the U1V11F3.

That was my observation, so please if you could suggest some external circuit that can be used to resolve this i would really appreciate it

Thank you!


I tested some and they started up fine with a slowly rising input. 0.5V is right at the limit of operation of this device, are you sure your power source is actually delivering past that limit, and not dropping back below it as soon as the regulator tries to draw power?


Thank you Claire,
It could be that it is a power source problem. I will check that again