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Pololu 2808 with Piezo Switch APEC PBAT5AF

Hi to everybody,
i’m trying to use a Mini Pushbutton Power Switch (Pololu 2808 LV) with a N.O. piezo switch (APEC PBAT5AF).
Here how it works:

When i push the piezo switch, the “Pololu Pushbutton Power Switch” turns on power, but another push DOESN’T turns it off. If i use the Pololu onboard pushbutton everything works fine. Could the problem come from the Pololu internal deboucing circuit? Any help to solve my problem?

Thank you in advance

Mirco Ravaioli


We have not tested our power switches with piezo switches, so they might work with some, and not others. A piezo switch is not quite the same as a physical switch making contact between the two pushbutton nodes, which is what our circuit is designed for. Unfortunately, I do not have any suggestions for getting it to work better.


Hi, i have tried many way to solve the problem but same result. Even using a Opto_Mosfet, same problem when turning off the Pololu. My only solution was using a relay that command Pololu AB pin, so i can isolate the Piezo Button!
Hope can be helpful