Pneumatic pressure sensor


Does Pololu or any other manufacturer make a pneumatic pressure sensor that can give a variable output?

Between 5 and 150psi if possible.

I’m trying to build a safety system using a Maestro 6 channel USB controller that can switch a servo if pressure drops below a pre-defined threshold.



Hello, Steve.

We do not have any pressure sensors like that, and I am not sure where you might find one that fits your requirements. You might try searching for something like that on DigiKey; if you can’t find an exact match for what you are looking for on their website, you might be able to get the name of some manufacturers that make similar parts.


Thanks Brandon,

Digikey do seem to have the raw products that, on the face it at least, seem like they would do the job. Unfortunately I am rather electronics illiterate and would have no idea how to integrate this sensor like Pololu’s do with the Maestro. (such as the IR Digital Distance sensor)

I don’t suppose Pololu offers such a service?



Would seem to fit the bill as far as my limited knowledge would tell me. Anyone have any ideas on how to allow a Maestro to be able to read the data?



The output of the linked pressure sensor is digital, via an I2C or SPI interface, which may not be possible to realize with the Maestro. However, an analog (0-5V output) sensor would be straightforward to use. The ones I use are from Omega (PX309) and are rather expensive but of very high quality. Since your application involves safety and reliability is presumably very important, I recommend them.