Plug line follower sensor to an arduino mega card


I would like to plug a line follower sensor Pololu QTRX with 15 outputs to an arduino mega card. The problem is that I don’t know what to do with the outputs named “EVN” and “ODD” (which you can see on the picture) that are in the section “CTRL”, on my sensor. Same thing about the outputs named “GND” and “VCC”.

Could anybody explain to me how to do the wiring connection between my sensor and the arduino card?


The CTRL pins are for controlling the IR emitters on the sensors. It should be fine to connect them to any of the I/O pins on your Arduino, and you can find a description of how they work in the “Second-generation QTR/QTRX sensor array details” section of the Pololu QTR Reflectance Sensor Application Note under the “Emitter control” header.

The VCC and GND pins are used to power the board, so I suggest connecting those you your Arduino’s 5V output and GND pins.

- Patrick

I would like to know how the “CTRL EVN” an “CTRL ODD” outputs work regarding to the arduino card : as an input or as an output?
If output, do i have to add a pull up resistor or it is already set up in the sensor ?
Also, what kind of signal do i have to provide from the arduino to the sensor ?

To clarify, the “CTRL EVN” and “CTRL ODD” pins are input pins, so you can connect them directly (no additional hardware needed) to any of the I/O pins on your Arduino and configure those I/O pins as outputs. You can find details about what types of signals to send in the link I posted previously.

- Patrick