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Plug counterpart for Pololu #2585

You’ve made the perfect prototype design USB 2.0 Type-C Connector Breakout Board. I’m now looking for a compatible plug counterpart that can be plugged into the #2585. The plug should have all the same pin breakouts, allowing it to be plugged into the receptacle with either side up. Any chance you would be able to offer such an item in the near future?


Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. We do not have any plans for a breakout board for the USB-C plug, and I am not even aware of some PCB-mount connectors for that. Do you know of some?

- Jan

Please look at Hirose’s USB Type-C, CX Series:


CX60-24S-UNIT drawing (2D)

I should have been more precise with that “PCB-mount” term. I meant something that can be placed on a PCB in a typical SMT (or through-hole) process. The connectors you linked to go on the edge of a (very thin) PCB, and I don’t think we can do anything with those in an automated way using our equipment. I suspect you need some very specialized equipment to do anything with those connectors, perhaps something like this:

I would be very interested if that is not the case, or in other connectors that can go through a regular SMT process on PCBs that have other components on them.

Also, what are you trying to do overall? Is it an option to just cut open a USB C cable and use the plug end that way?

- Jan