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Please Include DHL shipping option for customers in East Africa

Fedex does work to get the packages to East Africa but they use a middle man locally to clear the shipment with customs. This essentially doubles the shipping cost, and if you add tax, then it becomes unsustainable to buy from you. DHL is more established locally and most people here like me have a DHL account that you can use to ship free on your end if that makes it easier for you. I have a package that arrived over a week ago and on top of the expensive clearance fees from the third party, I still haven’t received it.

Please address this.

PS: Sorry I couldn’t find the appropriate topic to post under.


I am sorry to hear FedEx does not work well for your location. For issues like this, you should just email us (that is why there was no appropriate forum for this topic). DHL is not a standard service we offer, but if you have your own DHL account, we can make special arrangements to ship on that if you contact us before placing your order.

- Ben