Please help!line follower robot

Hello,I need to increase velocity of my robot,Robot I bought from your site and I picked your code for Line follower robot,so can you help me?

The example code you posted already uses the maximum speed as a base speed for the robot. You might be able to get slightly faster line following by tweaking the PID constants or doing some more advanced techniques, but if you are trying to speed up the robot, you could swap the micro metal gearmotors out with lower gear ratio versions (e.g. if you are using 100:1 Micro Metal Gearmotors, switching to 50:1 Micro Metal Gearmotors will greatly increase your maximum speed).

Alternatively, the speed of the motor is proportional to the operating voltage, so you could increase your operating voltage. However, if you decide to increase your operating voltage, I recommend reading this post by Jon to understand some of the caveats and drawbacks of doing so.

Note that if you choose to do either of these suggestions, you will likely need to adjust the PID coefficients in the code as well.


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