Please help. I don't know if the Pololu IR sensor could work


I want to use the Pololu Vishay TSOP34156 IR detector module 56kHz
(Pololu code = 837) with a microcontroller called Basic Stamp.

Do you know if the Pololu IR sensor could work ?

Parallax has a IR detector too but I would like to buy the Pololu sensor because is cheaper.
Here is the data of the Parallax IR sensor: … fault.aspx

But I don’t know if both are similar sensors. Of course , the Parallax IR sensor works with Basic Stamps.

Please help. Thanks.


The Vishay sensor we sell is basically the same thing functionally, except it responds to IR with a 56 kHz modulation frequency while the Parallax part responds to a 38 kHz modulation frequency. In that sense, the two are not interchangeable. Do you know the modulation frequency of your IR emitter?

Note that we just released a proximity sensor that consists of a modulated IR receiver (like the Parallax and Vishay sensors) and a modulated IR LED emitter. The receiver responds to 38 kHz modulation (like the Parallax part), so you could consider using that as a substitute if you disable the emitter.

- Ben