Pixy 5 cmucam

Hi there would like to know if i can use pixy 5 cmucam on my meastro18 board as i have a project that i want to put to use many thanx in atvance


The Pixy is designed to communicate with general-purpose programmable microcontrollers like an Arduino or single board computers like a Raspberry Pi. The Maestro is a device with custom firmware on it that is specifically designed to make controlling servos easier. So, it would not be easy to directly connect the Maestro and Pixy boards together.

To use both the Pixy and Maestro in the same system, I recommend getting a programmable microcontroller like an Arduino or A-Star, and using that to interface with your Pixy and Maestro. We do not carry the Pixy, but it looks like there are plenty of resources online to get one working with an Arduino. Then you could use our Arduino library for the Maestro to make controlling your Maestro from that Arduino or A-Star easier.