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PIR connection to Pololu MAESTRO 18


I have a digital PIR. It has a +,- and a signal out. How does it wire up to the MAESTRO 18.



Without knowing more about your sensor, it is difficult to tell what you might need to connect it to a Maestro. Can you post as link to the sensor’s datasheet or product page with specifications?



I’m not opposed to buying something different but there doesn’t seem to be any examples in the manual either.


You can connect the signal pin on the sensor to the “S” pin of any Maestro channel you choose and set to input mode, which you can do in the “Channel Settings” tab of the Maestro Control Center. You should have the “-” wire connected to the any GND pin and the “+” wire connected to a 5V source. If you are not using an external power source for your PIR sensor, the “5V+ (out)” pin on the Maestro should be fine. To confirm it is working, you can check the slider under the “Status” tab in the Maestro Control Center for the channel you are using to make sure the signal is responding as expected.



Cool. I’ll give it a shot. This is for a side project for are kids FTC robotics team. We want some robot arms to run through a loop when someone passes by.

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Thank you Derrill. Worked like a charm.

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