Pinout of the usb orangutan programmer

hi, i want to program an atmel microcontroller with the usb orangutan programmer and need to know the exact pinout of the devic, eg




Please take a look at this drawing with the programming pins numbered in the user’s guide. Here is what the pins are:

  1. MISO
  2. VDD
  3. SCK
  4. MOSI
  5. NOT RST
  6. GND

- Ryan

NOT RST? Does this mean you do not connect it to the RESET pin of a standard AVR controller? I just purchased a programmer but can’t get it to work. AVR Studio says “Setting mode and device parameters…OK!”, “Entering programming mode…FAILED!”, “Leaving programming mode…FAILED!” I am connecting it to the reset pin which is also connected to the 5V through a 4K7 pull up resistor. Should I be pulling the reset pin low with a button instead?

Hello Brewmanchu,

No. NOT RESET means that a high voltage on this pin will mean the controller is not reset and a low voltage means it is reset. The pin on the AVR is called NOT RESET (sometimes RESET with a horizontal bar over it), not RESET.

Are you using the AVR USB programmer? or the USB Orangutan Programmer?

Are you powering your AVR? The programmer does not power the AVR.

- Ryan

Thank you for your response. I just found that one of the pins of the header I was using was cracked inside the plastic part. I simply pushed wires into the connector and the breadboard and it works now. Nice little programmer :slight_smile: