Pin spacing dimensions for S18V20F12 stepup/down regs

Can anyone tell me the full dimensions of the S18V20F12 regulator. It has the mounting hole dimensions and board outline dimensions but no pin header dimensions. Whats the spacing between the input and output .1" header pins .Also spacing from end of board.

I am designing a pcb and would like it if i can plug the S18V20F12 into my pcb but i dont have those needed dimensions and i dont have a S18V20F12 on hand to measure myself.


The two rows of 0.1" pins are 1.3" apart. Each row is 0.2" from its respective side of the board, and the ground pins closest to the edge are 0.225" from the long side of the board. If you need more detailed information, you can email us at, and I could send you a DXF file with the board dimensions and drill hole location.

- Grant