PIC controlling 70097 Twin Motor


I’m making a little robot using the 70097 controlled by a PIC16F627… which I’ve just fried along with one of the motors when it stalled.

  1. How should I protect the PIC and motor from excessive stall current?

  2. How would I get a replacement motor? I’ve seen one at robotmarketplace.com but I’m not sure-- should I just find one with same dimensions? Has anyone out there put a better motor in a 70097 Twin Motor gearbox?


The motor current should not be going through the PIC, so there is something wrong with your circuit if the motor is causing the PIC to break. I suspect that there might be some other cause for your PIC breaking.

You can get replacement motors through Pololu. It’s item number 0077, and you can order it online using the “price list” link on the blue panel of the left side of the page.

- Jan

Thank you. I appreciate the feedback. As for what’s breaking the PIC, I’ve looked into it doesn’t look like it was caused by the motor stalling. However, RB5 is completely non functional. Oh well, that’s why I use PICs-- nice and cheap.

As for protecting the motor, should I just throw a fuse inline with the motor?

Sure, you can throw a fuse in. In general, though, try to limit the possibility of stalling by adding sensors to detect dangerous situations.

- Jan

Okay, well, thanks for the help. Now I’ve gone and found some motors at the local hobby shop which worked okay, however, a cable shook loose and fell into the gear-box, jammed it, and broke off two teeth. Haha-- gotta love it.