Physical hole locations for D24V22F12?

Is there a more precise drawing of hole locations (pads and mounting) for the D24V22F12 regulator?

Fwiw, here’s my guess, but more correct values would be great.
Also, the second “GND” does not seem to be on the grid – it seems to be … 0.03" ? off horizontally?
So, the horese’s mouth on this would be great before I order the PCBs that this plugs into …


There is a dimension diagram given under the Resources tab of the D24V22F12 product page that should have all the dimensions you are interested in. Yes, it is correct that the extra ground pin is not on the same 0.1″ grid as the other header pins.


OK, so this is not quite right, because the docs say 0.52" between each hole.
But, how are the holes positioned relative to the pads?

Oh, thank you! I wasn’t looking on that tab. That helps!