Physical differences between reg12a

I recently bought the reg12a aka u1v11f5 and u1v11f3 but have no idea how to tell them apart.

The only noticeable differences are on the silkscreen for the IC. The numbers are brt31wz65d and brs2awz755. Which is 5v vs with is 3.3v.

I did the dirty work and tested them myself, the z755 one is the 3.3v and the z65d is the 5.0v.

Maybe putting this information in the FAQ would be helpful. BTW thanks for the awesome products.


The chip on the 3.3V output version of that board should have BRS written on it, the 5V one should have BRT, and the adjustable chip should have BRR. I’m not sure what the rest of the marking means, though. It might be a batch number.

Also, thank you for your suggestion and kind words.