PG Leakage Current for D30V30F5

Is there a specification for the leakage current on the PG output of the D30V30F5?

Hi, StanJ

Unfortunately, we do not have a specification for leakage current of the PG pin. We expect it to be very small. What do you want to use to pull-up PG?


Hi Claire,

Thanks for the quick response.

I was connecting a ‘good’ indicator LED to PG. So, I used the +5V output of the device to a pull-up resistor of 150 ohms with the output of PG connected to the pull-up and the indicator LED. Works fine, so as you said, the leakage current through PG pin is likely quite small.

‘Perfect’ circuit design would deem that I know the PG leakage current and the current of my indicator device to calculate my resistance for the pull-up. Just for the heck of it, when I get back to that circuit, I’ll disconnect the LED and measure the voltage drop across the pull-up and see what the leakage current is. I’ll let you know.