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Peltier plate voltage drop

Hi everyone. I’m working on a project that harvests heat energy using Peltier plates (TEC 12715) and gives me voltage of approximately 2V.
I boost that voltage to using 5V Fixed output Boost module which has a usb charger integrated in it.
I plan on using that to charge my power bank.
When the circuit is open i.e. no power bank is connected, the Peltier works perfectly generating a voltage of 2V and my booster works too and generates 5V output.
BUT as soon as i connect my load (power bank), voltage generated by the Peltier (input to the booster) DROPS to 0.5V.
Please help me resolve the issue and do let me know if you need any other specifications

Thank you in advance


I am not sure what regulator you are using, but it seems like your Peltier plate power supply is just underpowered for charging the power bank. You might try testing it with some other more easily characterized loads (e.g. resistors) to see if you can characterize the current the Peltier plates can supply without the voltage dropping too much.

- Patrick

The Boost module which i am using.

Could you please give me some tips as to how can i reduce the voltage drop?
maybe an external resistor would help?

For more information, see this thread: Peltier plate voltage drop - General Electronics - Arduino Forum