PD7 green LED

To light green LED (right) on 3pi from m3pi, would this work? Connect a wire from 3pi PD7 to vacant pin on m3pi and then to an unused digital i/o pin on the mbed? Would the parallel connection of the 2 u-micro controller i/o pins be a problem? I now notice PD7 is also connected to PB7 of LCD. Maybe, not a good solution just to light green LED. Surely don’t want to cut traces. Left red LED I understand always being on because sharing with serial slave data program. Just thought it would be nice to re-light the green LED, for I had added it on top in addition to the default one on bottom.

Hi, donde.

I don’t think your hardware solution is a good idea. It sounds like a generally bad idea, but worse on the 3pi where pins tend to serve multiple purposes (PD7 is also used for the LCD).

For play(), you only had to write mbed code to call a serial slave command that was already there. In this case, you would have to add the mbed code as well as implement a new command in the 3pi’s serial slave program.

- Ryan

I think you read my mind, for I just edited the first post and realized the LCD was involved. Guess I’ll just forget about the green idea. Software seems not worth it, for still not sure how to write a proper library on my own.

Got line follower-PID (m3pi version) working great. It plays, runs the tape, spins to go back from where it came half way through time period, stops with hand in front of sensor, then spins again to do the same, finally stops after another time peroid. Event timing controlled by 2 Timeout functions of mbed.

Think I’ll put 2 super bright blue-white point source headlights on front. Yes, I’ll watch out for too much the current!
thanks, donde