PCBGRIP: Making it easier to assemble electronics

Frustrated with the lack of quality tools to help work on electronics, we designed PCBGRIP - a tool that not only holds a PCB but will hold everything else, while providing full access to the work. We choose to use an open source aluminum extrusion (OpenBeam) which makes it very easy to customize the tool for exactly what you need. Whether you are trying to hold a scope probe to a pin or trying to hold components together as you work on your next project, PCBGRIP has the flexibility to make it easier.

We launched a crowd funding campaign a few weeks and have been very successful so far. There are under 2 weeks left in the campaign and thought readers of this forum may be interested in the project.


More pictures of the project can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pcbgrip/

Thank you for the support.