PCB design/fabrication quote - online or offline?

For those who have tried getting online quotes from PCB vendors (i.e. for design or fabrication),
may I know your feedback from doing this?

I personally have not tried sending a request for quote on the PCB vendor’s website but I am interested though quite hesistant in this process. I usually send a request for quotation directly to the vendor thru email. I’m just curious on getting quotes online.

What are the pro’s and con’s of this process?

Interesting question. I have had better luck dealing with an actual sales rep instead of using the instant online pcb quote forms. I feel better when I send my Gerbers directly into the company in order for them to fully review the design. I like that because I don’t get in price surprises. So far, I have used a couple of PCB companies depending on what kind of boards I need. For quick turns, I have been using Custom Circuit Boards and for simple prototypes and longer lead times I have been using Batch PCB and Pad2Pad. They all have been great and I recommend all three PCB companies. :smiley:

I have sent quotes to online vendors and luckily recieved the answer for them on time. Therefore, my feedback is absolutely positive.

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Well you can have Quotes both Online or Offline. But these days you can get Instant quotes using automated online Quote System . Would like to recommend to have quotes from Dashunchang Electronic Co., Ltd, a technology enterprise, specializing in single side PCB, double side PCB and multilayer PCB , was established in 2002, focusing on fast PCB prototype and PCB mass production ,one of the largest PCB prototype manufacturers, our daily prototype capacity is more than 3000 models. customers can track the status of their PCB orders at any time in PCB Online Quote System, including placing PCB orders online, checking PCB delivery information, tracking PCB shipment schedule, etc.

I recommend you to try with PCB Unlimited since they offer high quality and low cost prototype PCBs, among other PCB services. Besides, they developed a unique shopping cart where you can instantly quote a PCB project and add it to the cart.
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I would recommend you to try out Seeed Studio Fusion service for prototype PCB fabrication if you want great quality. Quality is excellent from each.

I think the online offer is still more convenient. Because waiting for an email is a long process.
Online quotes can immediately know the approximate price.
If you have more questions about the order need to consult, then send e-mail is still better.
I am using WellPCB manufacturers, their online quotes are convenient so that I could quickly know my budget.

I prefer offline pcb fabrication quote because online can not quote HDI printed circuit boards, but only simple boards.

Of course, online quotes just know about the budget.
If it is HDI circuit board to send e-mail inquiry offer is better.

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I use OurPCB as my PCB manufacturer, the website I found on Alibaba, they provide PCB prototyping and assembly services, very fast delivery, and gift a ruler. I really like it. https://www.ourpcb.com


About this topic I would like to comment a way to get a PCB online quote that got my attention.

PCBGOGO developed a unique shopping cart. Customers can instantly quote a PCB project and add it to the cart. Other PCB shops don’t offer this functionality. Not only people can add multiple PCB projects to the cart but they can also add SMT stencils, solder paste and a variety of tools for their PCB project.

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About this topic, I would like to comment.
To get a PCB quote online you can approach ABL Automation Inc, specialized in PCB Customization which includes best services in low volume PCB Customization and PCB prototype.

Hello. Maybe you should consider doing it in-house rather than outsource it. A good starting point is a pick and place machine. For this, I highly recommend you Neoden4.