PC controlled toy car (OpenCV + C++.NET)


This is my final year project in collage: http://www.trex.co.nr
It’s a remote controlled car that is rigged with a spy camera, and controlled by a PC that receives the video signal and analyses it to find motion.

There are many pics & videos in the site.

I would love to get some feedback!


Hi, royshil.

That looks like a really well made presentation of a cool project. Also, I love your tiger-chase video!

- Ben

Nice work, and good use of OpenCV!

I’m curious, what make/model of “spy cam” is that?


Thanks for the replies!

The spy camera, as mentioned in the site, is a WS-309AS by JMK.

Thanks again,

Great project! I would love to build something like that myself when i get the time. Building it as a school project would be fantastic!