Path Program

Hey all. I’m trying to modify the maze solving program so that I can use the menu to give my 3pi a path to an end point on the maze and then have it go there (Like Point A=“LRSL”). I’m not sure what part of the maze solving code is necessary to make this happen other than the code used to go through a maze a second time using the mapped Path. Any advise would be great.


Got it working… will post a video ASAP

UPDATE – Video:

Very cool, I’m glad you were able to get it working so quickly! I hope it’s ok that I edited your post to embed the video directly in it.

Your solution requires that all of the interesting points of the maze be preprogrammed into your 3pi; it would be cool if you built a general interface that let you enter a path from scratch, intersection by intersection. For example, you could use the A button to cycle through the intersection actions “L”, “S”, “R”, and “*” (for done), the B button to add the selection to the path, and the C button to delete the last intersection in the path (so you can go back and correct errors). You could then pass this path to the maze code’s solution algorithm to have it drive what you’ve entered.

- Ben