Part number for 20mhz resonator


What is the specific part number / model of the 20Mhz resonator on the 328PB A-Star? Or, if the team isn’t willing to share that, please tell me the load capacity of that particular resonator?

I’m playing with a home-built 328PB, and I have a 20Mhz Resonator with a 15pF load capacity, and it’s not working as expected at 5V…oddly enough, it does work at 3.3V, but I’d rather get it working with 5V.

Thank you!


We do not commit to a specific resonator for that board, but you could use the Murata CSTCE20M0V13L-R0 as an example of what we use. What part are you using that is not working?

- Patrick

Thanks Patrick…I’m using a CSTCE20M0V53 (so 5% tolerance and 15pF load)…if you’re using the CSTCE20M0V13, then that’s still 15pF load (and 1% tolerance)…so that’s likely not my issue.

Thank you for the reply!