Parallax serial to RS-232 reuse

My little sister has just gotten interested in robotics, but doesn’t have the wallet for a new microcontroller. I have an old ‘Mr. Roboto’ kit that I got last year. it needs an FTDI cable of some sort, but it costs the same amount as a nice standalone microcontroller. I have a Parallax Basic stamp that uses a serial converter that I’m not sure can be used to hook up to the ‘Mr. Roboto’ to program it. I can’t find out if the parallax converter is tailored to just the basic stamp, or can be used for anything else.
I really can’t find any info on this, so help would be really appreciated



I know very little about Mr. Roboto, but it looks like you need something that can do TTL serial. You might be able to use something like an FTDI cable or our USB to TTL adapter.


I’ll research some more, and then see if I can get it!!